3 Top Reasons for Onsite Computer Repair

Onsite computer repair in Adelaide

No one wants to experience computer problems. If your computer is used for your business then it is likely indispensable as all your essential customer and accounting files are on there along with quotes, vendor contracts and employee payroll information! Compounding the crisis is the hassle of going to get the computer fixed. That is why we offer onsite repair services.

When You Need Computer Repair

Regrettably, there are common computer problems you might encounter at work:

  • Your computer keeps restarting on you.
  • The computer freezes or shuts off suddenly.
  • Having trouble installing new applications or installing new peripherals.
  • The computer is running so slow a turtle would beat it in a foot race.
  • Your applications are acting possessed and are unpredictable.
  • The computer is hot to touch.
  • Downloads are taking forever.
  • You can’t open that attachment from your boss.
  • The graphics on the computer screen look wonky.
  • Your computer is making strange noises.

Troubleshooting these problems to diagnose what is really going on can be challenging. It depends on how much you know about computers to begin with. Since you rely on your computer for so much, it’s a good idea to consult with computer repair experts.

Why Onsite Computer Repair?

1) Convenience:

You do not need to worry about how you unplug the computer to take it to the repair shop, and even more annoying how do you plug it all back in when you get the computer back! You also avoid the commute, headache of finding parking and annoyance of waiting in line. Whether you are located in the Adelaide CBD or have a small office in the suburbs of Adelaide or the surrounds our computer repair experts can come to you.

This is much more convenient for most people.The computer stays right where you typically use it and everything is working and plugged in just as it was.

2) Context:

Seeing your computer in its natural habitat helps our experts too. Sometimes the issue is not internal to the computer. So, we wouldn’t be able to properly diagnose the problem if you brought the computer in to us.

For example, the hiccup could be caused by a faulty power board, bad internet connection or misbehaving printer. And nothing is worse than going to the trouble of getting help only to say “well, it doesn’t seem to be that annoying thing right now.” That is when the expert looks at us like we’re crazy and says “next time, just try turning it on and off again!”

3) Cut Downtime:

When the computer repair service comes to your door, you can also reduce downtime. Onsite computer repair aims to fix the problem in just a few hours, without taking the computer away.

We can handle most repairs onsite but in some cases, it is more cost-effective to bring the computer back to base. We still save you hassle by dropping the computer back off to you. We will also set everything back up again when we return your computer. That way you don’t have to worry about which cord goes where!

We hope you never need computer repairs. But, if you’re ever facing an error message you don’t understand or your computer has ground to a halt, give us a call at 08 8326 4364 or support@dpcomputing.com.au. If you are in Adelaide or the South Australia our computer repair service experts will be happy to schedule a time to come to you!

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