7 Tips for Using New Technology to Benefit Your Business

Technology makes it possible for businesses to adapt to their environments quickly. For example, imagine a new player in the market who produces items that are similar to yours. In this case, customization would benefit your business greatly because it would differentiate your goods from your competitor’s products. In this case, a new packaging system with customized graphics printing, barcodes, and printed information would be an excellent idea. Online verification of the product’s authenticity would be a differentiating factor as well.

Here are 7 tips for using new technology to benefit your business.

  1. Invest in a chat-bot platform

A chat-bot refers to a computerized program that conducts conversations with real people. These conversations can be auditory or textual. Most companies use them for customer support services including answering calls from their customers or responding to their queries on social media. This program benefits your business in various ways including the reduced need for hiring many customer care agents. Another advantage is immediate and targeted responses to queries from your clients. Investing in chat-bots helps you when it comes to improving the quality of these conversations. You can even use them for generating leads for your business in addition to building brand awareness.

  1. Transfer Your Files to a Virtual Data Room (VDR)

VDRs refer to online repositories of information. More specifically, organizations use them for storing and distributing documents. The benefits of VDRs include increased speeds when uploading files, improved management of these files, and enhanced levels of control over them. Another advantage is added convenience because workers can access the documents stored in VDRs from their PCs, smartphones, or tablets. Review interfaces and test support services before you select a VDR. Check the pricing as well for hidden charges.

  1. Opt for a Physical Security Information Management System (PSIM)

PSIM is ideal for schools, factories, casinos, stadiums, and malls because they require security structures that are rigid and effective. These structures include closed-circuit cameras, fire alarms, fraud detectors, and alerts for cyber-attacks. Unfortunately, managers handle them separately making it easy for criminals to target them individually. PSIM integrates all of them. Doing so enhances coordination among the people who are in charge of these structures. Centralized management of logistical, safety, and security concerns is possible when increased levels of coordination are a reality in your business.

  1. Templates for Your Video Wall Are an Excellent Idea

A video wall refers to multiple screens mounted next to each other on a particular surface. In most cases, people place them on an actual wall so that it looks like one big screen. You may have seen them in newsrooms behind news anchors or malls as they advertise discounts and sales. The effectiveness of this technology is indisputable. More specifically, people notice it wherever it is. They examine it for a while and take note of the message it contains. Enhancing this impact on your customers is possible if you use templates for your video walls. These templates will help you organize your videos so that it looks like a beautiful mosaic image or a carefully crafted collage.

  1. Set Priorities When It Comes To Data Mining

Businesses receive an enormous amount of information from their clients. The data that your company collects is valuable if you use it correctly. More specifically, discovering patterns in it and using these patterns to your advantage is possible. Start by differentiating consumer groups. Then look for trends in shopping habits. Search for hidden possibilities of making an additional profit and finally, create predictive models with the data that you have mined.

  1. Invest In Time Tracking Software

Recently, the Wall Street Journal published shocking statistics on time management within most businesses in America. For example, did you know that managers waste more than three hours a day on delaying with interruptions? Did you also know that miscommunication contributes to 280 lost hours annually? You can recover this time through tracking software. It will keep people on track so that meetings end on time encouraging people to communicate concisely and directly. Time tracking software would keep managers on their toes as well so that they limit interruptions as much as they can.

  1. Use Technology to Create and Present Reports to Your Stakeholders

Reporting is critical for any business because keeping consumers, suppliers, and investors informed increases their interest in your company. Unfortunately, compiling reports is a tedious task because it takes time. It requires resources as well including human labor. Using new technology helps you when it comes to limiting the use of these resources and the time taken to compile reports. Go for technology that supports dynamic dashboards, advanced filters, and real-time summaries. It should have pre-packaged reporting mechanisms as well in addition to campaign analytics.

Our guest blogger for this article was Mia Clarke. Mia is part of the content and community team at Userful.com, experts in all things video wall and display solutions. When Mia is not spreading the word about video walls she is often found discovering the great outdoors, walking or cycling.

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