A Server Too Expensive? Then How About a NAS?

NAS - network attached storage

Streamline Your File Storage with a NAS

All businesses rely on digital data finding a central location that is accessible from all devices can sometimes be a problem. Yes a full blown server is great, but some companies don’t have the funds or requirements for a server and that’s where a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device comes to the fore.

Think of NAS as a small, low-powered file server that you attach to your network. The NAS will live on your network and hold all your documents, audio, video, websites, text files and other data.

Since it’s meant for storage and file serving, the NAS is a high-performing storage solution. Users can access the files they need via a standard wired or wireless connection, or even from remote locations, as long as the NAS remains switched on. At the same time, the NAS can handle the demands of more than one user simultaneously. In an advertising agency, for example, one user might be viewing a product video, another writing up some quotes all while the bookkeeper is doing the pay run.

A NAS storage solution is a low-cost way to consolidate storage. It’s also fairly easy to expand capacity by adding more disks.

Other NAS Advantages

Some NAS models have a myriad of other functions such as a multimedia server, backup location, internal website or print server.

Hard Drive Protection

Most NAS devices can set up a redundant array of independent disks (RAID) configuration. This lets you store data on many disks to provide fault tolerance: if one of the drives fails you can still access all your data.

They offer safe, reliable data backup and digital media storage. With a NAS, your users no longer need to worry about out-of-sync data, reliability or other accessibility issues. The NAS can offer peace of mind while extending business collaboration and providing competitive advantage.

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