What to Do When You Get a Renewal Notice

Renewal time

Your business will rely on a number of service providers. You are likely using third parties for services such as Internet access,  domain names, website hosting, software licenses, just to name just a few. So, when a renewal notice arrives, you might just  pay it and then file it away for future reference. Here is what you should be doing instead.

First, when you get a renewal notice, you need to confirm that it is legitimate. This is especially true of domain names. Your business’s domain name and expiration date are publicly available and scammers are known to look the details up and send out fake invoices.

Here are some indicators that the notice is a fraud:

  • The price is different from what you would expect.
  • The deadline is very quick.
  • You do not know the business name the invoice is coming from or have never used them previously.

If you are still worried do a Google search on the business name and see if anyone else has complained about fake invoices from that company.

Handling Authentic Renewal Notices

Once you have determined the authenticity of the renewal notice, you will want to take stock. Putting your licenses or other online services on auto-renewal plans can be easier, but it may not be cost effective. Before changing your plan consider:

  • Are you still using this service?
  • Do you still use it?
  • Do your current needs meet the plan listed?
  • Should you upgrade or downsize?

You might also contact your provider directly and ask:

  • Is there a better product available now?
  • Are you eligible for a loyalty discount?

The company you are dealing with wants to keep your business and this can give you some leverage in negotiating what you are paying or what service you are getting. You could treat an annual renewal notice as an opportunity to renegotiate terms. It may not always work, but it can be worth a phone call as you try to keep your business expenses under control. But remember if all you may save is a small amount it may not be worth the time going back and forth with the provider.

Finally, you should pay attention to any deadlines on the renewal notification. Some are sent months in advance. This may seem helpful, but if you put it away to deal with later, you may forget about it and the service gets cut off!

Avoid being overwhelmed by all the subscriptions and service plans your business relies upon. A proactive IT provider can monitor your license and domain expiration dates to ensure your business is current. At the same time, the provider has the expertise needed to determine what plans best suit your business needs.

Give us a call at 08 8326 4364 or at support@dpcomputing.com.au to enjoy the peace of mind a proactive IT provider brings!

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