Do You Have An Ink-Sucking Monster For A Printer???

New Printer

How long have you had your printer? Maybe your printer came as a package deal with your desktop or laptop purchase. In many smaller offices you will probably see a less-expensive inkjet printer sitting beside even the fastest PC. Here are some reasons why it is time for a printer upgrade.

Printers are often sold at cost or even slightly below cost as a loss leader to get your business. As once you get that cheap/free inkjet printer, you will need to pay for ink cartridges for the life of the printer. Also manufacturers often sell new printers with half-empty ink cartridges from the start!

You have heard the statement “you get what you paid for,” right? Well, that is definitely true for low-cost printers. As manufacturers are cutting production costs to keep the price down, these printers are not built with longevity in mind. Printer owners can encounter all kinds of problems, including:

  • slow printing speed.
  • poor print quality.
  • multiple sheets pulled from the paper tray at once.
  • paper jams.
  • ink smudging.
  • endless low ink notifications and having to repeatedly buy new cartridges.

If you look at trying to fix or repair the printer, you will find that it will cost more to fix the printer than it would to buy a new one.

Upgrading to an office-grade printer

Our solution? High performance and quality, business grade laser printers. Business grade printers are designed as work horses and are built to withstand heavy use with speed and reliability. Yes, they cost more, but they are also less prone to problems and more likely to be a long-term valuable addition to your office.

With a business grade printer you will also have options to chose from:

  • colour or black and white.
  • print speed
  • extra paper trays.
  • larger sized toner or ink cartridges.
  • wifi and network connectivity.
  • other functions such as scanning and photocopying (multifunction devices).

Unless you are regularly printing high quality photos we recommend laser printers over inkjet. Laser printers use a dry toner rather than wet ink. Yes, toner cartridges are more expensive than ink cartidges, but they print a lot more pages per cartridge than inkjets, plus the toner doesn’t dry up like ink and you don’t have to worry about the printer heads getting blocked. Laser printers are also faster, and you generally have fewer problems, which means in the long term that these printers are typically less expensive to operate.

Inkjet printers typically have a minimum life span of three years, whereas you can expect a laser printer to last at least five years (although this depends on the actual model and usage).

When looking at laser printers, give serious thought to whether you need a colour printer. How many times do you actually need to use colour and does it merit the added expense? If you print photos only occasionally getting the images professionally printed may cost less and provide a better print.

There are many different business grade printers and multifunction devices to choose from and it can become overwhelming. You can also buy outright the device or look at various leasing options. What and how much you print should factor into your decision.

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