General Computing Hints & Tips

In this blog we talk about some general hints and tips when using your computer.

How to Shutdown Your Computer Properly

Always shutdown your computer and any applications you have open properly. Only use the reset button if your computer locks up and you have no other choice.

If your computer is not responding to the above an application has gone awry you will need to close off the offending application or program. To do this press Ctrl+Alt+Del (all at the same time). The Task Manager window will appear. Select the task you want to end (or the ones that say they are “not responding”) and press End Task.

Unknown Emails

Be very, very cautious of emails especially those that contain attachments from unknown senders.Even if you know the sender and you are not expecting an email from them or are unsure what the attachment is, be careful. Use an antivirus program, keep it updated and set it to automatically scan your incoming and outgoing email. If you are unsure get a professional to help you. Remember you can always contact the sender if you are unsure of the attachment.

Unknown File Downloads

Don’t go around and download every program you can. Be sure you know what you are downloading and from where. Not all downloads are bad, but you never know what may show up and some programs may contain a virus, adware or a Trojan horse. Know exactly what you’re downloading and installing to your hard drive beforehand. If you are unsure stop and get a professional to help you.

It may say that the program you are downloading is free but it may not tell you what else the progrma is going to do with your system.

Incompatible Hardware and Software

Before purchasing new software or hardware be sure that the product you are buying is compatible with your system. If in doubt write down the specifications of your machine and operating system and ask the salesman.

Random Deletion of Files

Do not delete files or applications when you are not sure of what they belong to. You may delete that one file that runs your favourite software or delete that important finance information. If you are unsure, leave the file alone and ask for assistance.

Further Help and Assistance

If you need further help or assistance on this or any other computer problem please contact DP Computing.

DISCLAIMER: We will not be held responsible for any damage or data loss to your system. If you are in doubt over something or if the steps are different than what you see on your computer contact a professional.

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