Managed Cloud Backups

Online Backup

Data loss can be catastrophic to your business and usually comes at the worst possible time. Protect your business and your data with our automated cloud-based managed backup service.

Backup as a Service

Disasters can strike with no warning. In the past a fully-fledged disaster recovery solution required a significant upfront investment in hardware and software. Now you can protect your business with an efficient online backup system for a low monthly cost.

Managed Backup Benefits

The benefits of our online backup service include:

  • Fully Automated: The backup process is fully automated which mitigates the risks of human error and local backup storage device failure.
  • Rapid Recovery: Rapidly recover any data type, be it file, database or virtual machine whenever you need to.
  • Superior Security: Your data is stored in a professionally run data centre located within Australia. The data centre has redundant power supplies, specialised fire suppression equipment and 24 hour security. You data is also encrypted during upload and download to protect your privacy.

You no longer need a massive IT budget to protect your business with an enterprise grade disaster recovery solution.So if you worry about data backup contact us now to discuss how our online backup can protect your business, Ph: 08 8326 4364 or email us at

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