What Can You Do When Your Equipment Fails?

Compuer Failure

Your business has invested heavily in information technology and you depend on this equipment to support your business. Then the inevitable happens and the equipment fails and you are left scrambling to find a replacement solution. It is a tough place to be in, but it can also provide your business with an opportunity.

When you hear that a piece of equipment has failed, you soon get a headache. It can mean:

  • costly downtime.
  • finding the money for a replacement.
  • spending time researching the best solution.
  • employees getting frustrated
  • potentially disappointing clients.

If the equipment that has broekn is a hard drive or server, you will need to reach out to a professional who will most likely ask for a backup (you do have a backup don’t you?).

OK, it is dead. Now what?

After the initial panic has subsided it may pay to take some time to reassess.Instead of just replacing things, look and see if there is an improved way of doing things.

On-site equipment failure is an opportunity to examine cloud technologies. Maybe check to see if there is an online or cloud based version of your main application or look at moving your server functionailty to the cloud.

Moving to the cloud may mean that there is a large upfront cost that is needed to replace equipment.  Plus, you will only pay for what you use and  be able to scale up or down as needed.

There is also less chance of data loss when working in the cloud. Cloud computing takes away the single-point-of-failure problem. Now, your data is available anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection. So, even if your desktop computer dies, you can still get into the same data from another device. Cloud service providers build in redundancies, so data is not stored on a single server. This supports business continuity even after equipment failure or natural disasters.

Partnering with an IT Provider

Save yourself the stress of dealing with technology failures alone by partnering with a local IT provider. There are many advantages to this including:

  • monitoring your backups.
  • detecting potential failures before they happen via montoiring solutions.
  • they can help and advise if a cloud based solution will work for your needs.

Here at DP Computing, we can tailor our services to your business workload. We make sure every business accesses the best technological tools. Unlike a software salesperson, we don’t enjoy selling you more than you need. We want you to have the best technology at all times and to help prevent issues before they happen.

Don’t wait for the death knell of your valuable IT equipment to sound. Partner with us today for peace of mind. Contact us at 08 8326 4364 or via email at support@dpcomputing.com.au.

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