A New Year’s Tech Resolution To Stick To

Online BackupMost of us set goals, tasks, and challenges to tackle especially at the start of a new year. Cleaning out the house, checking for the best energy deals or promising to join a gym are some of the types of goals we set to improve our lives and build on our productivity and health in the future.

Resolutions to improve for the coming year are great things to aspire towards; whether they are organising your office, tidying your house, or taking control of your digital footprint. The problem though is motivation can quickly fall away by the end of January. If you manage to achieve only one of your goals for this year, make it to put a good data backup in place.

Hard drive failure, theft, accident or natural disaster can all destroy your files in a fraction of a second. Many of us put these eventualities in the back of our minds. We plan to organise and backup our files ‘eventually’ and then, as with a lot of plans, never get around to it. It is easy to think ‘it won’t happen to me’ but we see the heart break of too many people who have lost their files to know it is a regular occurrence.

Replacing Valuables

Most things you own can be replaced in one way or another. A broken tv or laptop can easily be replaced with another model. A credit card, if stolen or lost, can be cancelled and replaced by the bank in under a week.

Losing data, however, is a far tougher issue to face. Without a safe and tested backup, there may be no way to recover it once it is gone. Backups provide a service which could be described as the world’s best insurance policy.

While insurers will often give you some or even most of the value of the goods lost; data backup provides you with your exact data, precisely how you left it.

Recovering Irreplaceable Files

There are almost certainly old files you can live without (outdated quotes, browser bookmarks etc). But there are likely to be financial details, photos, videos and important documents that you couldn’t live without.

We generally take critical data for granted; Assuming that because we can access it today that it will still be there tomorrow – this is unfortunately not always true.

These irreplaceable files are too important to keep in just a single place. Retaining only a single copy leaves your data vulnerable to luck and chance as to how long it will and if it survives.

Hardware is liable to develop faults or failures at any time. Often a storage failure isn’t made apparent until the device fails to turn on or dies suddenly. These types of hardware failure become more and more likely as the age of the device increases.

Today’s phones and tablets are also much more vulnerable to loss or theft as they get smaller and lighter. While criminals are not likely to be interested in your irreplaceable data, the actual devices are vulnerable to being stolen and then sold for cash.

Data can also be rendered inaccessible by ransomware and malware. If you get hit by a virus all your data can be encrypted and the bad guys demand a payment so that you can unlock your files. Having a backup allows you to simply restore the files and continue to work.

Natural disasters such as fire and flood are other ways in which data can be lost.

If you were to lose these files in an instant, how much would you pay to end that stress and heart ache to get them back again? Setting up a good backup is only a tiny fraction of the cost and without any of that pain.

Backup For You

With the right backup solution, it doesn’t matter how many devices are lost, stolen or die. Your important data is kept safe and sound to be returned to you when needed.

Regular backups that run automatically at a set time can even be setup for you to help keep all that valuable data safe.

If you have travelled too long on borrowed luck, without putting a backup in place, contact us on either 08 8326 4364 or support@dpcomputing.com.au to get set up with a robust and dependable backup solution for your data. DP Computing provides proactive IT support services to business clients across Adelaide and South Australia.

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