5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your IT Systems

Cleaning your laptop

The start of a new year is a great time to evaluate your IT systems and here are five great resolutions for your business to make.

1. Run the Best Security Software & Hardware

Most computers today run at least some form of antivirus software. In the modern day though, threats have evolved to be more sophisticated, even more damaging and much more common. Ransomware, malware, phishing and zero-day attacks all work to attack unsecured and unpatched systems.

Today, to keep up with increasing threats, you need a complete security package. A layered system means more than just having an antivirus application running. A comprehensive security package includes staff training as well as both software and hardware security systems. Having prevention, detection, firewall and system monitoring is a bare minimum. These layers work together to provide security many times stronger than just a stand-alone system anti virus program.

Reliable, up-to-date, security keeps you safe online and is a resolution you simply can’t afford to skip.

2. Clean Up Files

Cleaning up unnecessary and temporary files is the best way to gain additional storage space on your systems. It is cost-effective and you don’t have to purchase any extra hardware.

Almost all computers have files hanging around from old software, data or applications that are no longer needed. Just like tidying the spare room or de-cluttering the kitchen, clearing files off your desktop and organising your emails will help leave your computer feeling refreshed.

3. Regularly Restart Your Computer

Fully shutting down and rebooting some systems can feel like an eternity. Most of us enjoy simply opening the lid or powering on the screen to have everything ready to go.

In some offices the computers may not be fully restarted in weeks or even months. These poor habits can cause issues with running software and the operating system too. Hardware updates, security patches and critical updates often wait for a reboot before they install. Deferring updates can leave security flaws wide open and the system vulnerable to attack.

Merely performing a reboot every once in a while can secure your system and help get rid of software problems. Often updates can help prevent new issues from occurring too.

4. Use A Password Manager

The hacking of large institutions and popular websites are frequently in the news today. Almost every month a major service reveals they have been hacked, their database compromised and their customer login information stolen.

For this reason, it is unwise to use the same password to access multiple websites. This can be a challenge for many as it is clearly impossible to remember a unique and secure password for every site you visit. Thus we recommend using a password manager that can store your passwords for you.

A good password manager relies on just one secure password to safeguard an encrypted database of all your login credentials. The password database is often stored in the cloud for access from all your necessary devices. A manager can typically assist in creating a strong, secure password for each of your accounts too.

Using a good password manager and unique password for every site protects you against the attacks common today. Yes hacks compromising a major website will still affect your service on that particular site but your other website logins will be safe and secure.

For more information see out other blog article on “Time for a Password Refresh”.

5. Keep Your Computer Dust Free

Dust, hair and other office debris are one of the major causes of premature death for computer systems. Fans that are used to cool components, suck in dust as well as the air they need. This dust often clogs up the inside of IT equipment and causes the overheating of internal components.

Where possible, keep a tower PC off the carpet and use your laptop sitting on the floor, blanket or soft furnishings. Cleaning out your device is as good a resolution as any and the start if the year is a good as time as any.

If you need help sticking to these new year resolutions for your IT systems and want to start the new year off on the right foot, contact DP Computing today on either 08 8326 4364 or support@dpcomputing.com.au. DP Computing provides proactive IT support services to clients across Adelaide in South Australia.

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