Basic Data Backup

Backing up your data –  it’s easy!

It’s amazing how many people out there never backup their data. Just think about all the data you have – Word files, Excel spreadsheets  finance data, photos, music, emails, contacts and the list goes on. What would happen if you lost everything?????

Performing a simple manual backup these days is quite easy. First thing you need to do is purchase an external hard drive – these are available at most stores and depending upon the size cost from around $100 upwards.

Second thing you do, is install the hard drive. It’s usually as easy as just plugging the cord into the computers USB port, but each hard drive has a set of instructions.

Third thing, figure out where all your stuff is on your computer. Many people just keep it all in the “my documents” folder. Others have files scattered around their hard drive, but either way…you know where your stuff is right??? If not contact us to find it for you!

Now go and find your data, right click on it and make a copy. Then go to your new external hard drive in the “my computer” window and right click “paste”.

It’s really that easy. Some external hard drives even come complete with a backup program which simplifies the process even more – please consult with the instructions that came with the external drive on how to use this.

If you need more assistance or would like to make scheduled backups (where all you need to do is change the hard drive over), please feel free to call me. Don’t forget to check that your backups are working correctly by plugging in the external hard drive on another computer and making sure you can open and read the backed up data.

Remember that backing up your data is essential and you should regularly do it!
DISCLAIMER: We will not be held responsible for any damage or data loss to your system. If you are in doubt over something or if the steps are different than what you see on your computer please contact a professional.

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