Boost Productivity With Multiple Monitors

Dual Monitor Setup

Using two or more screens on your computer is no longer reserved for specialised jobs or computer geeks. Having additional displays can benefit anyone, even office users can benefit greatly by using the extra screen space.

Most users have experienced the mad clicking around to find the window they that actually want. This eats up time during the day and using multiple screens can help eliminate this wasted time.

So just how much can using a second monitor improve productivity?.

Jon Peddie Research examined the benefits of using two screens connected to a desktop computer or laptop for several years. It found that employees in all types of jobs improve productivity by an average of 42% when using a second monitor!

What Advantages Are There When Adding 2nd Screen?

1) Do More In Less Time

The biggest advantage is that you can do more in less time because the more you can see, the more you can do. With a additional monitors, you can keep programs like email always open on one screen while you work in other applications on the other screens.

2) Makes comparisons and data transfer easier!

There are a lot of tasks that require examining data in multiple windows. You may be performing a task in one window while reading instructions in another window or you may have to pull data from one app and add it to another.

Trying to get multiple windows up on a single screen side-by-side can cause all sorts of frustration. But with two or more monitors, you have the screen real estate you need to fully open both windows and have them right next to each other so you can easily do your work.

3) Give your laptops users more screen space

Laptops are perfect for portability but the downsides are a smaller screen space and screen positioning (with users generally looking down at the screen).

Connecting laptops to one or more monitors can significantly improve the experience and make it like working on a normal desktop PC. With multiple monitors connected there are a variety of options that range from mirroring your laptops screen or still using the laptop screen for some activities while using the larger screen for others.

4) More Options in Video Calls and Online Meetings

We have all had those times when we have been screen sharing on a video call and needed to check an email or review notes. It is difficult to do when everyone can see your screen.

With multiple screens, you can choose which screen you want to share during online calls and meetings. This leaves the other screen to have apps and windows open that no one online can see. This is a big advantage if you need to check for an email or message someone while you are sharing your screen.

5) A Cheap and Easy Productivity Booster

Purchasing another monitor is a fairly low investment when looking at other options. A 22″ monitor can be purchased from anywhere between $150 to $300 and with a 42% average productivity boost, you have a pretty good ROI.

There is also little training needed for this upgrade. Once the monitor is plugged in and the PC configured, it is good to go. Users can simply drag apps and documents from one screen to another as if they had one large screen.

Do You Need Help Boosting Your Productivity?

Multiple monitors is one great productivity boost. If you nee help implementing this or would like to discuss other productivity improvements please contact us now.

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