Is It Time to Replace Your Laptop’s Battery?

Laptop Battery TipsLike most people your entire life and business is on your laptop computer. One day though you will need to replace it. Yet, some issues could be solved by replacing the laptop battery instead.

Some laptops running Windows 7 and up, may get a message saying, “consider replacing your battery.” when you battery is on its way out but not all of us have this useful warning. Thus you will want to be on the lookout for the signs below that indicate  that a battery replacement is needed.

1) You Have to Charge the Computer Often

When you buy a new laptop the marketing boasts of the many hours its battery last for. A decent current brand new laptop’s battery at a minimum should last at least six hours (depending on use). But as the laptop ages, the battery doesn’t hold its charge for as long.

You might try and charge it overnight but wake up to find it still hasn’t charged up to 100%. Your solution may be to keep your laptop plugged in at all times, but this cuts into the very mobility a laptop promises, plus, it can be a fire risk.

2) Your Laptop Is Heating Up

You may be working with the laptop on your lap and you notice that the computer becomes an unexpected warming blanket on your lap. This did not used to happen! Now, your battery is having to work harder to power applications and causing the elevated heating. This can also increase the risk of a fire.

3) Your Laptop Keeps Shutting Down

This is a sign that your battery isn’t holding a charge long enough and causes the computer to lose power. If your computer isn’t too old and is currently still not too slow then replacing the battery is a cheaper option to replacing the entire unit.

4) Time Is Not on Your Side

If your laptop is getting old don’t be surprised if you experience power issues. Laptop batteries are typically meant to last only 400 charges? That is one or two years! So, your laptop’s battery might already be living on borrowed time!

Laptop Battery Tips

Don’t keep your laptop plugged into the wall continuously. You might think you’re doing the right thing by keeping it plugged into a power point all the time, but you will be doing your battery a favour by unplugging it every once in a while.

One other suggestion is to not let the computer get below 20% charge before plugging it back in. This can help preserve battery life.


Before you buy a new computer, think about whether it could be the battery instead. Replacing a laptop battery isn’t always straightforward. But don’t worry, we can find the right battery for your laptop and replace it for you. Contact us now.

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