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Most email clients have a Junk Email or Spam folder.  I often get calls with people saying they haven’t received an email but when they look in their Junk Email or Spam folder it is sitting in there.

Why does this happen? Well as with most things the inbuilt spam filter is not perfect – it will either catch legit emails, let spam through or maybe even a combination of the two. One way to ensure legitimate emails from people you know come through to your inbox is to add them to a whitelist. The method for doing this depends upon the spam filter you are using but try this – right click on the legit email and there should be an option similar to “never block sender” or “add to whitelist”.

So the point of this post is this to remind you to regularly check your junk mail folder at least every other day and add legitimate senders to your whitelist. You may be surprised to find a few emails in there that you were supposed to get and never did. It will only take a few minutes and maybe, just maybe someone won’t be thinking, “wow, they never replied back”.

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