Leave Your IT Problems Back In 2018!

Make IT problems so last year

Across the world, the new year is a time for celebration, a time to reflect and a time we typically resolve to make the most of coming 12 months. We do this by leaving last year’s problems precisely where they belong – in the past year.

Many manage to adopt this approach in their personal lives, but it pays enormous dividends to apply it to our businesses too.

Cleaning up open issues from previous years gives you and your team free reign to make the next year a record-breaking success with nothing to hold you back. Intermittent IT problems, network slowdowns, printing issues, and unavailable resources can all be left in the past.

Starting the year off with a clean IT slate simply leaves you to handle the business areas which you do best.

Set Your Network Straight

If your only relationship with your IT provider last year was calls to fix broken systems then it definitely is time to have your IT fixed up for good. Break-fix relationships can add stress to both your company and your IT provider.

While getting up and running fast after problems is a clear priority, there is a lot more that can be done to ensure breaks don’t happen and downtime is avoided. Repeated break-fix calls waste large amounts of time to troubleshoot, diagnose and patch an unfamiliar system every time it has an issue.

Using IT to set you up right means using an IT providers knowledge and experience gained over time to right the ship and keep the whole system working together.

The same experience configuring your network top to bottom can be called on again to update or change it as requirements and projects shift. With a complete picture, less time is spent on troubleshooting and more time can be allocated to just keeping the systems up and examining logs of potential issues before they occur.

Reliable IT

Computers and networks with consistent issues and bugs can be like running an old vehicle. It is often more expensive to maintain an old car than purchase something more modern and thus requiring less maintenance. An old car requires more parts, becomes less efficient, uses more oil and is more likely to suffer breakdowns too. The same is true of old IT.

The cost over time of a well-configured system can often be the same or even less than fixing the persistent issues of the old one. The difference is a dramatic difference in downtime and lost productivity. Better IT means that you are your staff can get things done better and faster – improving your businesses productivity and staff morale.

Your Staff Deserve IT

Nothing distracts employees from tasks more than unexpected downtime or systems failures. Whether working on last minute changes to an important document on a Friday afternoon or attempting to settle into work on a Monday morning; bad IT is frustrating, disheartening, and time-consuming.

One of the hardest but most rewarding elements to cultivate in a company is good staff morale. When you have it, productivity goes up, turnover goes down and the business environment is greatly improved for everyone. When It isn’t working properly the workday is that much harder for everyone.

Work flow issues are well known to be one of the top contributors to poor morale. Slow machines, unavailable printing and interruptions cause more knock-on effects than just the IT department can fix. Good employees need and deserve the right tools for their job.

A Better Way to Operate

The new year is a golden opportunity for a fresh start on your computers and network. An assessment of your system by IT professionals will diagnose issues and give you a complete guide to get back on track. Whether caused by bad hardware, a configuration error or something else, we’ll track down the causes and fix them.

There’s never a better time to establish a proactive IT services relationship. Contracting professional services can help put an end to system bottlenecks, slow computers and can configure your system right and advise on the best course to take into the new year.

The most important decision you can take into the year ahead is to stop addressing IT issues as they happen. Take charge of your IT and fix the underlying causes holding your business back.

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