Quick and Easy IT Support is a Godsend!

Proactive Computer Support

There are few things as frustrating as IT problems interrupting your workflow. Even the simplest of problems can break your concentration which leads to a loss of productivity and time. Your IT should be working to boost your productivity instead of slowing you down.

A computer glitch can happen at any moment and waiting for it to be fixed can seem to take forever. You might not contact your IT support straight away hoping that a colleague may have a fix which will save time. Even though they may be happy to help this also waste the time and productivity of your colleague and can even make the problem worse.

When you outsource your IT support, your computer problems become our problems. We then take charge of fixing the issue ASAP.

Proactive IT Support

Many businesses look for a break/fix model to deal with their IT issues. This means waiting for problems to happen before contacting the company to help resolve them. Break/fix adds costs and downtime to every IT issue that happens. To serious business owners this is an unacceptable long-term solution for a successful business.

The whole process of scheduling a time to visit, diagnosing the issue and then resolving the issue on a case-by-case basis is massively time-consuming. Both IT technicians and in-house staff waste productive hours dealing with, often trivial, problems.

This wasted time could be better spent on building your business.

Your Personal Help Desk

When you outsource your IT support to us, you get a custom service dedicated to resolving your issues fast. Our experienced technicians can work without creating new problems or making the original issue worse. In modern IT, knowledge and experience is the key to successful solutions.

Many of the issues we resolve on a day-to-day basis are problems we have seen many times before on many different systems. IT is our business, and we know it very well.

How Outsourced IT Works For You

Outsourcing your IT means simply ringing or emailing us. We will then get straight onto the issue without you having to wait on a nearby technician to become available.

Waiting on hold for support and then continually spelling out your problem over and over again is no fun for anyone. There are better ways for your time can be spent.

Managing Problems Remotely

To resolve system issues, update or maintain systems, we can often log in remotely and take ownership of the problem personally. We have found there is little advantage to wasting time asking staff to find menus, click on links and tell us what they see when we can remote in and see exactly what is happening.

Problems that tie up one or more machines for a long time can be scheduled for out-of-hours, holiday, or weekend fixes. Large, system updates or upgrades can be done remotely when they won’t get in the way of your business.

Our golden rule is to make sure IT works for you and your business and not the other way round. If you are wasting staff hours on hold, arranging meetings just for your tech, or structuring your day around simple problem solving, your firm could be upgraded in a flash.

If you are in Adelaide, South Australia call us at 08 8326 4364 or via email at support@dpcomputing.com.au and we will sort out the rest.

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