Save Time By Using These Essential Windows Shortcuts

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Time for What Matters

The average person spends around 90,000 hours at work. These hours can cost us sleep, affect our mood and stress. Unfortunately there is no “get out of work free” card, but here are some essential Windows shortcuts that will help you save time.

By gaining efficiency at your computer, you may find you have more time for what matters. At work, this may be improving your productivity, devising new innovations,  getting out in the field to make more sales or help better serve clients. At home, these shortcuts can free up time to spend more times with your family and friends.

Ctrl + C to Copy

Move your cursor over the selection to highlight the particular text / table / image / or file (or even just a part of it).  Ctrl+C then places the selected data into your clipboard ready to be copied elsewhere.

Ctrl + X to Cut

Think about X marking the spot on the screen where you want to cut words, a picture or a URL. Drag your cursor over the selection to highlight the particular text / table / image / or file (or even just a part of it). Ctrl+X then deletes the selected data and places it into your clipboard ready to be moved elsewhere using Ctrl+V.

Ctrl + V to Paste

With this simple shortcut you can place the information you just cut or copied (see above) anywhere you want. The important thing to remember is that the paste function only holds one selection in memory. So, if you cut a phrase from one place, don’t get distracted by an image you want to copy or other text to cut. You want to paste what you have first, then go back and copy or cut the next thing so you don’t lose anything.

Ctrl + Z to Undo

Windows users are able to undo their most recent action with this key combination. Whichever Windows program you’re in, you can use Ctrl + Z to reverse your last action.

Ctrl + Y to Redo

The opposite of Undo is to redo your last command and Ctrl + Y is the key combination to accomplish this.

Ctrl + F to Find

Pressing this shortcut calls up a popup window where you can enter text you want to find on a web page, in a PDF or Word document. In fact, you will be able to see how many times your search text appears and move from one match to the next.

Ctrl + N to open a new window

Pressing Ctrl+N together opens a new document file or browser window, depending on the program you’re in. This works in most Windows applications and Web browsers.

Alt then Tab to Switch Screens

There are many things you can do with Windows. Perhaps you are multitasking with PowerPoint as well as Google Chrome and an Excel Spreadsheet all open. By pressing Alt and then the Tab key, you can switch between tabs or screens. If you hold down the Alt button while tapping Tab, you can scroll through all your open windows.

Ctrl + Mouse Wheel to Zoom

With the latest high def screens, the actual text and images on computers can be small and if your eyesight isn’t what it used to be it may be hard to see certain things. If you hold down the control key while moving the wheel on your mouse you can make things larger on your screen by using the zoom function.

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