The Pros and Cons of All-In-One (AIO) Computers

All In One (AIO) Computer

Today, business is all about streamlining and finding efficiencies and that extends to embracing all-in-one computers for some businesses and requirements. Users get a desktop computer that integrates the computer and monitor into one unit. But as with most things there are positives and negatives to consider.

The Apple iMacs were the first popular all-in-one computers, but you can now find many different brands (both Mac and Windows based PC’s) embracing the all-in-one concept.

Positives of AIO Computers

Easy To Setup: With the one unit they are easy to set up and get running – just plug in the power, mouse and keyboard and you are up and running. Their sleek design can also include webcams and speakers as part of the monitor.

More Cost Effective: Buying a computer with all its components included can be more cost effective, whereas buying each part separately adds up.

Space Savers: The all-in-one computer have a smaller footprint and are great for those areas where space is at a premium. These compact computers with fewer wires and less stuff to connect can look great in open-plan offices or where they are visible to the public.

Easy To Move: Due to their design all-in-one computers are easier to move around to different areas or locations.

Negatives of AIO Computer

Upgrades: Upgrading components may be more difficult with AIO’s. You usually canĀ  upgrade the memory (RAM), and replace and repair hard disk drives (HDDs), but that is usually the limit. So when you outgrow the computer, you will need to replace the entire machine -but most businesses generally upgrade the entire computer nowadays anyway.

Monitors Issues: You can’t easily upgrade to a bigger monitor. Also adding a second monitor, while possible, is hard as you generally can’t source the same monitor to use as the AIO. If the monitor dies you will also have issues.

Performance: While you can get some high end AIO computers you are limited to the types of CPU and video card you can use in them. For most users in a lot of industries though, this shouldn’t be an issue.

You Get What You Pay For: As with everything, the amount you pay determines the quality of the components. If you go with a low to mid priced device, you basically get a laptop in a monitor that is not designed for prolonged usage. So, depending on what your computer needs are, you may want to invest in a higher-priced all-in-one or consider the “normal” computer tower / desktop format as an alternative.

For most business users though, AIO computers are a good option for those that want more flexibility. Of course, laptops are best when you want to be able to move easily between locations, but for agility within the office environment, an AIO is a convenient choice.

Buying AIO computers also allows users to enjoy business-wide consistency and users keep traditional functionality but in a neat machine that makes a smaller footprint on their desk.

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  1. Great article, Dave! I’m currently debating whether to buy laptops or AIOs for my new business, still leaning laptop or conventional desktop because I don’t want to get trapped in a dead-end hardware deal.

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