What Computer Repair Can Be Done Remotely?

Remote Computer Repair

In the current environment it is totally understandable that you don’t want people in your office. Fortunately, with technology today, it’s much easier for IT professionals to resolve computer and network issues remotely. This blog article will help show you what IT issues can be addressed remotely.

Remote Repair of Business Computers

If you computer is not already setup for remote access we will provide you a link and code to download a tool that gives us remote access and control of your computer.

Now, once we have remote control of you computer what things can we do?

  1. Fix A Slow Computer – If you have a slow computer, we can run diagnostics and optimize your computer and provide a list of ways in which we can increase your efficiency.
  2. Software Errors Running into software errors? We can take a remote look and troubleshoot any issues to get you back on track.
  3. Software Installation – Perhaps you have to install or upgrade a certain software package. With remote access, our IT experts can install and set up applications and personalise them to your particular needs.
  4. Email Setup or Troubleshooting – It is very straight forward to config or fix any email issues your have with MS Exchange or Outlook.
  5. O365 or Cloud Troubleshooting – As with email, troubleshooting or connecting you to Office 365 or your cloud infrastructure is easy via remote access.
  6. Basic File Recovery – When  files go missing people stress out and panic. Allowing access to our computer professionals can quickly recover your data and get you up and working.

Get the Computer Support YOU Need

Unless your Internet connection is down or there is some other reason why we can’t get to your computer a lot of IT issues can be fixed remotely. We can also arrange for remote monitoring to find issues before they become a major problem.

Another great thing about remote support is that you can sit back, relax and watch us fix your computer!

If the problem with your computer can’t be fixed remotely, we can arrange to pick up and drop off your device. Our technicians follow social distancing standards and limit contact if in-person IT help is necessary. If you are a business and are located in Adelaide or in fact anywhere and have an internet connection we can help you remotely so contact us today!

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