Why Computer Repair Is Best Left to the Professionals

When the age old “turn it off and back on again” fix doesn’t solve an issue, users start to panic and often turn to a “IT knowledgeable” friend, staff or family member for help in the moment. But a lot of time the computer repair is best left to the experts.

Calling tech support (if that is an option) can be time-consuming and frustrating. So, people turn to the nearest teenager or co worker that owns all the latest technological gadgets and sprouts technical jargon all the time. Think of it this way, though – driving a car doesn’t mean you can fix one and owning lots of cars does not show that the owner knows what to do when one of those vehicles breaks down.

Consider the investment you have made in your computer. Now, ask yourself: when was the last time I backed up? Please, say recently! If not, think about the value of all that data you might lose if the computer is not handled with care.

When a computer expert sets out to investigate the problem, they do so with utmost care. Depending on the situation they may make a clone of your hard drive or backup your data. Then, in identifying and solving the problem, they know what is safe to try and what actions to avoid.

The Price of Amateur Fixes

Your family / friend / coworker tech support might turn to the internet for help. Sure, us technicians also look to Google for help at times, but context matters. Will your oh-so-helpful friend know which answers are relevant to your situation and what may cause more harm than good? Trying different things can be dangerous if the approach isn’t suited to the problem (ie looking for a software fix when it is your actual hardware that is about to die could cause loss of all your data).

Ask any professional computer technician. They will have loads of stories to tell about computers “fixed” by amateurs who made the problem worse and they may even have lost data along the way.

Just as you would not turn to the Internet to diagnose cancer, do not trust just anyone with the health of your computer (just consider the cost of all the data the computer contains). Computer repair may look simple at times, but expert decision-making along with years of experience determines the best solution.

As with most jobs, computer experts draw upon specialized training, hands-on experience and peer networks. They are also up with the latest threats, technologies and solutions. This helps them to diagnose the problem more quickly. They can go in and fix the problem right away, because they’ve seen it before or have read previously about the problem. Or perhaps they have colleagues who have done something like this before, or they’ve researched the technology to identify different options. Can Bob in sale, your nephew Zac or friend Sue say the same thing?

Think also of your typical answer when someone asks you for help. You are human and  want to help, even if you do not know much about the issue. So, when you ask a staff member or family friend, they are likely to say, “sure”, even when they should be saying, “No, I don’t know how to fix that”.

When friends admit the repair is beyond them, you have already wasted time letting them take a crack at it. Worse, they may actually break your computer, lose important files or makes things worse. You have to go to the experts now for that new part or in the hope of retrieving the valuable data. Meanwhile, you are not feeling so friendly towards the person who created the new problem, are you? They may also feel annoyed that you did not pay them for their services.

Don’t jeopardize your relationships and avoid doing more damage by bypassing the friend / staff / family tech support solution and turning to the professionals first.

Fixing a computer is not always simple. Get the professionals in to preserve as much data as you can and avoid expensive replacements as long as possible.

Have computer problems? We can help. We do computer repairs for a living! And our experts are friendly, too.

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