Why Do Computers Slow Down Over Time?

Computer running slow?

Slow computers tend to creep up on people as they tend to slow down through a gradual reduction in speed instead of a sudden drop. This can make it tricky to spot the actual problem

But why do computers get slower with time?

There are three main reasons for computers slowing down.


You will find that switching from old style spinning hard drives to modern SSD storage (storage with no moving parts) will make your computers start and run much much faster. This straight forward change will have the most impact on speed and having an SSD drive is a must for all computer users.

If the amount of free storage space on your hard drives are getting low, you will also run into problems. Operating systems and applications rely on temporary hard drive space to keep running and if that runs out problems will arise.


The memory requirements for computers increase over time. It wasn’t so long ago that 4GB of memory was considered more than enough for most people. These days, even if you don’t run much more than your operating system and a web browser, you will find that 4GB just is not enough. So computers now need a minimum of 8G of memory (aka RAM).


Having a build-up of too many programs that run in the background, also slows down computers and eats into the amount of memory available for other programs.

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