Why Proactive IT Services Will Make Your Life Easier

MSP - Managed Services Provider

That smile of relief when we fix someone’s tech issue is one of the great things I like about being in IT. When we get a call out, we are happy to either go onsite or if possible fix the issues remotely and get the client back up and running quickly.

But as much as we love this side of IT, we would rather our clients’ systems didn’t go down in the first place.

How can a user make that happen? Very easily, just talk to us and we can tailor a package to suit your needs.

But just take things a step back, what does managed services or proactive services mean?

Fixing things when they break is reactive, whereas managed services are more proactive. It can involve:

  • system monitoring.
  • installing system patches and software updates.
  • ensuring your security is up to date and regular checks are made.
  • checking hard drive health to help catch issues in advance.
  • manage software and hardware licensing.
  • check backups.
  • tuning your technology.

As your managed service provider (or proactive service provider), we get to know not only what is happening on your network and system but work with you on your goals and objectives. When we understand your needs, we can suggest the best technology that will work best for you.

Managed Services Make Budgeting Easier

All those services sound costly. The benefit is that you’ll pay a single, consistent monthly or annual fee for these services. Many issues are then detected before they can cause any major disruptions.

If unfortunately, the worst does happen, we already have a relationship. We know your network and how things are set up, we know what is important to you and we can then more easily focus on your needs. You are a regular customer we want to keep satisfied rather than a one-off engagement (not that we don’t appreciate those, too!).

With cybersecurity now being a major issue, we can proactively help prevent attacks by ensuring your systems are up to date and doublechecking security software and firewalls. Of course, no one can 100% promise that you will never get hit by a cyberattack as there are new threats every single day. But, if malware does strike, we can get you back up and running more quickly.


Computer and networks are becoming more complex. Even if you work from home, you probably have a desktop, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. All these need secure internet access, data backups and regular updates. Do you have the time and knowledge to do all this?

If you want a higher level of IT support, we should talk further about our proactive managed services. We can then help keep the problems at bay and you will be much happier as the IT management will be taken off your hands. Contact us now for a free no-obligation meeting to discuss your needs and see how we can help.

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