How Safe is Your Company Data in the Cloud?


Out of all the disruptive technologies that have emerged in the last few decades, not many have had as big of an impact as cloud computing. Known by many names, this practice allows companies to store information on servers located off-premises, but are still accessible to their employees via the internet.

There are many different benefits that come with cloud computing. It can help companies reduce costs while giving them tools they would not have access to otherwise.

That said, most companies also need to ensure their data is kept in a safe place. In this post, we will talk about the emergence of cloud solutions and discuss the factors that determine if it’s a safe alternative or not.

The Emergence of Cloud Storage

The concept behind cloud computing is not new. However, this technology has gone a long way since it was first popularised back in the early 2000s.

Today, a whopping 85% of business owners save sensitive company information on the cloud. But, this doesn’t mean that all cloud services are safe to use.

All providers are different, so you have to verify individual aspects to make sure the provider you choose can offer the minimum security features you need.


How Safe is Your Information on the Cloud?

One of the reasons why so many companies are migrating to the cloud is because it’s affordable and easy to implement. However, many of these businesses overlook safety and assume that their provider will guarantee good security measures.

Awareness Across Your Company

Out of all the factors that are within your team’s control, building awareness about cloud computing may be the most important one. By educating your team about the importance of keeping passwords and other sensitive pieces of information safe, you can reduce the chances of a security breach.

You also should to give your team guidelines to follow whenever they encounter potential security problems.


Physical Well-Being of the Servers

Although it’s out of your control, you have to understand the importance of protecting the actual servers where your information is held. A physical attack that results in compromised information can be just as catastrophic as a remote hacker, so you should find a company that protects their servers like the valuable assets they are.

Authentication Tools

With traditional passwords becoming less and less reliable every day, many companies are starting to invest in additional authentication methods. Some of these are so effective that none of Google’s 85,000 employees has been phished successfully since the implementation of complimentary authentication.

Employing additional measures will help improve security levels, regardless of what your service provider is doing already.

Authorization Levels

One of the reasons why companies implement hierarchies is because it helps control access to information. Your cloud platform should allow you to set different authorization levels to mimic this effect and only disclose confidential data to employees that have the right clearance.

Malicious Software Prevention and Other Security Measures

Cyber attacks are increasing year after year and many of them try to extract information from cloud providers. Ask your company of choice about their anti-malware systems and other security measures that help protect your information.


Getting Tailored IT Services in Adelaide

Moving your operation to the cloud can bring a myriad of different benefits. That being said, you also have to implement the right security measure to ensure our information is not at risk. The tips above should help you find a cloud provider that offers robust security features.

At DP Computing, we specialise in delivering reliable IT services for small and medium-sized companies in Adelaide and throughout South Australia. Our team of technicians will be happy to help you move to the cloud and implement reliable security, so get in touch with us today!


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