AI is Great, but be Careful!

AI, Artificial Intelligence

If you’ve been using AI services such as Copilot or ChatGPT in your business, you will know how helpful it can be. Whether analysing a spreadsheet, summarising an email or  generating ideas, these AI tools can save you time and effort. But, like any powerful tool, they come with their own risks. One big concern is how they learn from the data they are given. In this article we dive into why this is important and what you need to watch out for. Continue reading

What To Do When You Accidentally Send an Email to the Wrong Person


We have all accidentally sent an email to the wrong person? You can easily enter the wrong email address, autocompleted the incorrect contact, clicked “reply all” without realising who was on the CC list or chosen the wrong name from your contact list. Continue reading

Are You Losing Money Because Employees Can’t Use Technology?

Tech Support

Shiny new technology can be exciting for some people but can scare others! In todays world, new tech can be a must to stay competitive and it increased efficiency, happier employees and a competitive edge. That promise can turn into a financial nightmare if employees can’t use their technology. This can then cause productivity to drop, mistakes and customer service to fall. This blog shows the common staff technology issues as provides solutions. Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of Incognito Browsing

Private Browsing / Incognito Modem

Many people are increasingly concerned about privacy, and your browser’s Private Browsing Mode (or Incognito Mode), offers a simple way to keep your online activities hidden from others who share your computer. Continue reading

Are You Lost in The Cybersecurity Jungle: Don’t Go Unprepared!

Cyber Security Jungle

Cybersecurity is like a jungle: a sprawling, bewildering landscape that businesses find hard to explore. As an IT Provider, we understand the uncertainty that comes with trying to navigate the complex world of cybersecurity. The jungle is vast, with threats hidden in the undergrowth if you set anything up incorrectly and the path to safety (and compliance) is not clear. Continue reading

4 Ways Small Businesses Can Leverage Copilot for M365

How to leverage Copilot

Efficiency, productivity, and innovation are some of the key differentiators that can propel small businesses forward. Microsoft has expanded the availability of one of its most dynamic tools to SMBs. A tool that can be a real game-changer for growth. Continue reading

How To Spot Malicious Website URLs

Spotting bad url's

When browsing the web, using social media or checking your email, it is very important to exercise caution when clicking on links. Cybercriminals actively create deceptive links to infect devices with malware or steal personal information. Continue reading

The Top Acronyms in Technology

Tech acronyms

We have all heard about some of the classic tech abbreviations by now, such as CPU and RAM. However, modern workplaces are introducing many new ones and below are some that you are most likely to see in today’s business world (check our our previous blog on Internet Lingo for some other terms). Continue reading

When Your IT Goes Wrong, Who Do You Call?

IT support - who do you call?

It is late on a Friday afternoon, and you have just sat down to focus on an important project that is due. You then notice your internet connection is not working, the printer on the other side of the office starts beeping with an error, a pop-up appears on your computer saying your antivirus subscription needs to be renewed and you remember you forgot to look at the backup failure message from last week. Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft Planner

MS Planner

Many people use Microsoft’s apps to power their business processes. As well as the usual Microsoft apps of Word, Excel and Outlook a lot more businesses are now using Planner, Microsoft To Do, and Project for the web. These tools help keep processes on track and enable task accountability. But they are separate apps and switching between them can be cumbersome and adds more complexity to the daily workflow. Continue reading