What is Reply-Chain Phishing?

Reply Chain Phishing

It seems you can’t read an article on cybersecurity without the work “phishing” being mentioned. Thats due to phishing being the number one delivery vehicle for cyberattacks. Continue reading

How To Reduce Your Risk When You Lose Your Mobile Device

What You Should Do to Reduce Risk When Your Mobile Device Goes Missing

Few things invoke panic like a missing laptop, smartphone or tablet. People rely on these devices and they can also contain files, personal financials, apps, passwords, pictures, videos and much more. Continue reading

6 Discontinued Tech Tools You Shouldn’t Be Using

Discontinued Tech Tools

The one constant thing about technology is that it changes rapidly! Things that were once shiny and new can now be ancient and obsolete. New versions replace those old obsolete tools and the continued use of old technology can leave computers and networks vulnerable to attack. Continue reading