4 Tech Trends to Know About for 2023

A new year is an opportunity to start afresh. This is also true for your technology initiatives. Your business can begin 2023 on the right foot by considering these four important IT trends. Continue reading

Why Are Printers Still Terrible?


With VR headset, we can swim with sharks, our phones can recognise our faces and digital watches can detect that we’ve been in an accident. With all this technological innovation, why are printers still so frustrating? This blog article aims to explain some of the reasons and how to make the most of the situation. Continue reading

7 Tips To Prevent Mobile Malware

Mobile Device Security

Cybersecurity researchers uncovered that mobile malware attacks surged by 500% a the start of 2022. This is alarming both in scale and the fact that many people are not yet protecting their smartphones. Year after year, mobile phones have become more powerful and today can do many of the same functions as a computer – just with a much smaller screen. But people tend to secure their computers much better than they do with their smartphones and this needs to change as over 60% of digital fraud now occurs through mobile devices! This makes all mobile devices a high risk if proper safeguards are not followed. Continue reading

8 IT Checks to Make Before You Travel

Travelling with technology

Most of us won’t even travel to the end of the block without our phones and when we go on longer trips, we can end up take a lot a tech.  You can travel smarter and more securely by doing several checks before you go by using our handy tech travel checklist below. The checklist can save you from suffering from lost devices, missing chargers or even a data breach. Continue reading

What Is The Metaverse and How Can It Benefit Your Business?

You may have heard the term “metaverse” being bandied about recently but what does that actually mean and how will it affect businesses? Many people are saying that the metaverse is coming and businesses need to be prepared. At this stage we don’t know if this is a short-term or long-off prediction, so we all need to be ready. Continue reading