4 Tech Trends to Know About for 2023

A new year is an opportunity to start afresh. This is also true for your technology initiatives. Your business can begin 2023 on the right foot by considering these four important IT trends.

#1 Artificial Intelligence

Be prepared for some fairly advanced AI solutions to start to become mainstream. ChatGPT is one of the first AI products to be released for the everyday user.

ChatGPT is a large language model chatbot developed by OpenAI that has the ability to interact in conversational dialogue and provide responses that can appear as a human has responded. You can also ask ChatGPT to perform certain tasks such as how to perform certain business functions, write speeches, articles and blogs, create job adverts or even create computer programs to perform set tasks.

At this stage you have to confirm the answers it provides but Microsoft is investing $10 billion into the organisation behind Chatbot so expect it to become even more impressive and there will also be other similar services from competitors looking to commercialise their research in AI.

Business owners need to keep a close eye on this area as AI has the potential to make industries obsolete by making it easier for end users to perform certain tasks.

#2 Automation

Any opportunity to save time by streamlining processes can support competitive advantage and save money. This is why many digitally savvy businesses are embracing automation.

Improve human capital use by automating workflows that take abundant employee time. You can then free up employees to work on higher-value work and you can reduce the risk of human data entry mistakes or data processing errors. Security can also improve as you can reduce human involvement with sensitive data.

Platforms such as Power Automate and IFTTT (IF This Then That) simplify automation.

#3 Security

In this day and age, it is only a matter of time before businesses of all sizes are compromised. As such security needs to be on everyone’s’ mind.

Just having a single antivirus program on your PC is not enough, you need multiple layers of security. This multi-layer of security starts with next gen security software, firewalls, MFA (multi factor authentication) and security training for all staff members. Check out our security checklist for other security areas to be on top of for 2023.

#4 Optimising Your IT Budget

This is not a new trend, of course. Still, with the uncertain global economic outlook for 2023, it should be a higher priority. As inflation and rising costs hit businesses, you need to optimise your IT budgets to align with your goals. This can improve both customer and user experience and help you control costs.

Our IT experts can also help you to with what AI options or automation may suit your business, help improve your security and with budgeting. Contact DP Computing today for a free no obligation meeting to discuss your needs.