Why You Should Upgrade To Windows 11

Windows 11

Microsoft released the Windows 11 OS or Operating System over a year ago and it has been well-received as stable and user-friendly. The OS is not a large departure from the Windows 10 experience but does offer a lot of improvements over the older environment. With improvements and a free upgrade for Windows 10 users, it still lags in adoption though. As of November 2022, Windows 10 still owns a 69.75 percent usage share as compared to 16.13 percent for Windows 11.

A lot of people are slowly upgrading to the newer OS but it is natural for some to take a wait-and-see stance and not to change if everything is working well. Users want to make sure it is worth the time to upgrade, and no one wants to have to relearn their computer desktop environment.

The good news is that Windows 11 has a similar feel to its predecessor while also including a lot of great productivity and security benefits that Windows 10 lacks. Below are some of the coolest features in Windows 11. After taking a look, you may choose to go ahead and upgrade your systems to Windows 11.

Better integration into M365

Windows 11 is based on Windows 10 but has been developed with M365 in mind. This means seamless integration between the two with better user productivity and better security.

Android Apps on Windows 11

While it is not straightforward to setup, you can now run Android apps natively under Windows 11. This allows you to bridge the gap between computers and smart phones. It allows apps not available on the PC to be able to run without having to pull out your phone every time you need to access an Android application.

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen

Phishing still remains one of the biggest online security threats out there. It is used to enable many forms of cyberattacks, from ransomware to credential theft. A significant number of phishing messages try to get users to click on a link to a malicious website. Users often do not know until it is too late that they have landed on a malware-laden website.

Windows 11 now includes Microsoft Defender SmartScreen. This app helps protect you from those dangerous phishing sites by checking the URLs in real time against a dynamic list of reported phishing sites and warn you if a site is potentially dangerous.

Master Search

Need to find something (ie a document, website, image, or app) quickly? Use the Windows 11 master search by clicking the search icon on your desktop. You will get a search bar that will populate results from the entered keyword.

Once you enter your keyword, you can further refine your search according to the type of result you want (ie. apps, documents, web, etc.).

Snap Layouts

Most people are working with more than one app open at a time and it is not unusual to need to reference two different windows while doing side-by-side work. Switching back and forth between apps can be tedious and time consuming especially if you only have one monitor.

68% of app users say that switching between apps costs them at least 30 minutes per day. Trying to size two windows next to each other can also be frustrating. You lose the scroll bar or can’t get to the menu items unless you resize.

Enter snap layouts. Yes, Windows 7 and 10 have snap layouts but with Windows 11, this feature is supercharged. Simply hover over the maximize icon at the top of any window to get access to a variety of different layouts. Choose the area you want for the active app, and it will snap into place and allow you to choose apps for the other slots.

Clipchamp Video Editor

In the latest Windows 11 update, Microsoft included a free video editor called Clipchamp. This new app makes it easy to edit videos without the need for expensive software. While not as feature rich as paid for software, the feature list of Clipchamp includes templates, effects, video resizing, green screen and much more.

Accessibility Features

Windows 11 has some great accessibility features that are designed to help ensure everyone can use their computer as they want. Those with disabilities can enjoy these features as well as others that prefer the extra flexibility offered. Four of the newest accessibility features in the Windows 11 include:

  • System-wide live captions.
  • Voice access.
  • Focus sessions.
  • More natural voices for Narrator (Windows’ built-in screen reader).

MS Teams Video, Audio & Text Messaging

Video calls are now the norm since the pandemic, but not all meeting software is easy to use. How many times have you had to wait for someone to install or update their software? Windows 11 comes with Microsoft Teams preinstalled. You can now easily invite someone to a video or audio call and the person does not need to have a Microsoft account to connect with you, making things easy on both sides. Another great feature of the Teams app is the fact that you can use it for SMS messaging. Instead of having to drag out your phone, just text someone from your desktop.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the default browser for Windows. As well as Edge’s close integration with M365 you need to check out a new feature called “collections.” If your bookmarked sites are becoming a mess, you will love this Edge capability. When you click the “plus” icon at the top of an Edge browser window, you will see the collections panel. Add a collection subject and click to add webpages. You can see a preview of what you have added, and everything is nicely organised. Collections are easy to access and easy to delete when you are finished with them.

Want an Expert to Help with Your Windows 11 Upgrade?

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