Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft Planner

MS Planner

Many people use Microsoft’s apps to power their business processes. As well as the usual Microsoft apps of Word, Excel and Outlook a lot more businesses are now using Planner, Microsoft To Do, and Project for the web. These tools help keep processes on track and enable task accountability. But they are separate apps and switching between them can be cumbersome and adds more complexity to the daily workflow.

Research shows that employees switch between 22 different apps 350 times per day. Microsoft is putting a dent in app overload with the company rolling out a brand-new version of Microsoft Planner in early 2024. It is packed with exciting features designed to simplify your project management journey.

What apps does the new Planner include?

The new version of Microsoft Planner combines:

  • the current Planner’s collaboration features
  • the capabilities of Microsoft Project for the web
  • the simplicity of Microsoft To Do for task management
  • AI automation with Microsoft Copilot

This new Planner promises to be a powerful tool for staying organised as well as boosting collaboration and achieving your goals with more ease.

Unifying Your Workflow: Tasks, Plans & Projects in One Place

Say goodbye to switching between several apps and hello to a more streamlined experience. The new Planner goes beyond basic to-do lists and seamlessly integrates tasks, plans and projects within the one application. This means you can manage everything from large to small projects. Including simple daily tasks to complex multi-phased projects all within one single and intuitive interface.

You can use the new Microsoft Planner from within Microsoft Teams or via a web browser. Here are some of the exciting things you will be able to do with it.

Enhanced Collaboration: Working Together Made Easy

Collaboration is key in today’s fast-paced world and working remotely has become the new normal. This means that the tools need to keep people coordinated wherever they are.

The new Planner empowers teams to work together seamlessly with:

    • Real-time updates to ensure everyone stays on the same page.
    • Features like shared task ownership and comments that foster efficient collaboration and clear communication.

Scaling with Your Needs: From Simple Tasks to Enterprise Projects

One size doesn’t fit all and the new Planner understands that as it offers flexibility to cater to both individual needs and complex enterprise projects. It’s flexible for use to fill big or small needs. You can use it for managing a personal grocery list or to plan and deploy a large-scale company transformation!

AI-Powered Insights: Your Smart Copilot for Success

The new Planner incorporates the power of AI with Microsoft Copilot built in. This intelligent assistant helps you stay on top of your work and can suggest relevant plans, tasks, and goals based on your needs and context. It can even analyse your progress and suggest adjustments to keep you on track.

Pre-Built Templates: Get Started Fast & Save Time

You don’t have to start from scratch (unless you want to) as Microsoft Planner provides several ready-made templates. You can use these to get started on a new project or goal quickly. You’ll see templates for things like:

    • Project Management
    • Marketing Campaign
    • Employee Onboarding
    • Sprint Planning
    • Software Development
    • Commercial Construction
    • and much more

Key Features

Here is a sneak peek at some key features included in the new Microsoft Planner 2024:

  • Microsoft App Integration: Planner integrates with many Microsoft tools including, Teams, Power BI, Power Automate, Microsoft Viva Goals, and more.
  • Improved Navigation: A redesigned interface makes finding what you need faster and easier.
  • Enhanced Task Views: It has different views, like grid and board views that let you customise how you see and organise your tasks.
  • Customisable Fields: Add custom fields to tasks. Use them to capture specific information relevant to your project needs.
  • Goal Setting: Define clear goals and track progress visually within your plans.
  • Critical Path: Identify the essential tasks needed to complete your project on time.
  • Improved Search: The app has powerful search functionality that let you find the information you need quickly and easily.

Access and Availability

The new Planner is in general availability and Microsoft is currently rolling it out to certain markets. Check out the Microsoft announcement for more details.

The Future of Tasks, Planning & Project Management

The new Microsoft Planner 2024 is an example of a trend we have started to see in the digital world where less is more. Meaning, fewer apps to juggle between and a more streamlined interface.

Planner’s powerful features make it an invaluable tool that both individuals and teams can leverage to streamline workflows. It also has an intuitive interface and AI-powered assistant to drive productivity.

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