Common Cyber Security Myths Debunked

Cybersecurity Myths Debunked

In many areas there are myths that we accept as fact. Some of these are actually quite dangerous: this article debunks some cybersecurity myths so that you can keep your business safe.

#1 – My business is too small to be attacked.

Th truth is that any sized business, in any industry, can be the target of a cyberattack. In reality, hackers often target smaller businesses because they lack the necessary protection and thus are easier to attack. Small businesses are also more likely to pay a ransom, because they don’t have business and thus can’t recover their data otherwise.

Small businesses can be the first stepping stone in attacking other larger businesses. For example, after getting into your systems, they might then target a larger business.

#2 – Antivirus software is all I need.

If only it were that easy. A hacker only need to find one hole or vulnerability to infiltrate your system while you need to cover all potential security vulnerabilities.

Yes you need antivirus software, but you cannot rely on one tool to protect your IT infrastructure. To properly detect and defend, you need a multi layered cybersecurity plan. You need to combine employee security training along with multiple layers of network and device security.

You also need to keep all your software patched and up to date.

#3 It will hurt our productivity.

If you set up effective security policies and protocols this isn’t true. In fact, enhanced cybersecurity can actually help your productivity as it can free up people to work on other important business with less worry.

#4 – Cyber Security is not my job.

You are only in admin or other position in your company and think cybersecurity is handled by management or the external IT provider.

Yes, these IT teams will work to secure your infrastructure and protect your data by putting in place systems to detect threats and identify vulnerabilities. They can also ensure appropriate data backup and provide disaster recovery planning.

But, IT experts (whether internal or external) are only one player in the battle and all members of staff remain are unfortunatly the weak link. Untrained staff members are more than likely to inadvertently download malware, fall for social engineering scams, or use easily guessed access credentials.

It is everyone’s job to be aware and work to reduce risks to your business. Thus all staff members need to be educated about online safety and cybersecurity threats.

Avoid a false sense of security

Trusting any of these myths can leave your business open and vulnerable to attack. A data breach or IT downtime can be devastating on your operations and reputation. Work with IT experts to lessen your risks. Contact DP Computing today to find out how we can help.

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